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The Pros Of T-shirt Screen Printing Design - Brief Details

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

Screen printing is an ancient and widely used printing technique which, today, is commonly used for t-shirt printing. The T-shirt screen printing design process involves transferring an image from a stencil to a t-shirt, using a screen by pressing the screen against the material. Each image design requires a different screen. This method of printing, like other techniques, has its share of advantages.


• The process is relatively simple and inexpensive to get involved in. Of course there are advanced pieces of equipment you could invest in to increase your output, you can get started with just a few basic materials for the T-shirt screen printing design as ‘T shirts etc Katy’ shows.

• It is probably the most common and widely used form of t-shirt printing.

• Produces high quality print. The prints are usually both solid and clean and the method allows prints to be done on dark backgrounds.

• It is durable. The colors can last at least up to two times longer than heat transferred designs.

• The stencils can be stored in case the need arises to reprint designs.

• It is an excellent method for printing texts and logos.

• An excellent venture for mass production and for keeping printing prices at a minimum.

• Economically, this is true only when produced in large quantities. Screen printing is therefore not recommended for small enterprises.

• You pay less when you order in bulk, so it is efficient to order in large volumes.

• It produces some very professional looking results.

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