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T Shirt printing online for your special holidays and other occasions

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

With the recent recession that hit the world's most influential economies, people are not rushing towards spending for the holiday season. They will surely try to save money with gift giving and holiday dinners. Wrapping up the gifts yourself is a way to save money this holiday season. Another way is to make the gifts on your own. One of the best gift ideas for friends and family is a custom printed t-shirt.

T Shirt printing online requires a fine mesh covered with photo emulsion that has been hardened through exposure to ultraviolet light. The hardened emulsion forms the stenciled image of the t-shirt's design. Ready-made stencils can be bought from stores or online.

Place the silk screen with the stenciled image on top of the t-shirt's fabric where you want the design to be printed. Be careful to put enough screen printing ink for a consistent color throughout while being careful not to bleed through the t-shirt printing process.

Screen printing is not the only method that you can use in T Shirt printing online. Other methods that are easy to follow include spray painting, brush painting and bleaching. These do not require too many tools and materials. Check the proper ones for the usage.

printed t shirts

For spray painting, all you need is a spray bottle, a set of textile inks preferably water-based, some stencils, and thinner to mix with the ink and to clean it off your work area. You can also choose to use ready-made stencils for spray painting and brush painting. Brush painting is simply printing the image by hand using paintbrushes like an artist. The t-shirt is your canvas. You can use ready-made stencils and cardboard cutouts, or you can use nothing but your imagination to paint the image directly on the t-shirt.

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