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Get the T Shirt printing designs and services as per your needs

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

Over the years the t-shirt has taken some major strides along with the rest of technology; gone are the days when t-shirts were considered undergarments and only worn underneath other clothes. Originally t-shirt printing was a pretty tedious process if you didn't have the right equipment, and it was still pretty tedious even if you did have the proper equipment, back in the day when screen printing was all that was known but there are many stores and websites in existence now that will take care of all your printing needs so you get the message/logo you need in professional quality without much trouble.

t shirt

With custom t-shirt printing, you first pick your t-shirt color; next you choose the text you want on the shirt and the font that you want to use. Next you can select the graphics that you want on the shirt; most sites will have pre-existing graphics that you can browse through and use if you so desire or you can create your own custom graphic and choose that for your custom shirt. Then set up the shirt as you wish, decide where each element will go and finally, submit your design to the printing service that will print your design and send the shirt to you.

It will be up to you to decide whether you want your shirt screen printed or embroidered. Screen printing requires pushing ink through a screen using a squeegee; a stencil has to be made for the design that is to be printed which can be very tedious. With embroidery, your custom graphic must first be digitized by an expert so that the computerized embroidery machine can read your design and reproduce it; the cost for embroidery can be a bit as you are charged per stitch. You can get these from ‘tshirts etckaty’.

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