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DTG printing t-shirts designs

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

There are numerous benefits that you will be able to enjoy once you start using DTG printing t-shirt designs instead of the old screen printing ones. It is worth noting that the entire world of photography and t-shirt branding has moved on from screen printing to digital processing. By having a precise dtg printer, you will be able to tap into the large library of digital tools and software that you can use to make your products more appealing and more attractive to a wider market than you could ever hope to achieve with the old, antiquated method of screen printing.

By using a printer which can do your DTG printing t-shirt designs, you eliminate the problems that come with only having a limited number of colors to work with. You will also be able to print a variety of shirt sizes, something that is not easy to do when using screen printing. This ability to quickly change the color and shirt size of the textile material that is being printed is very beneficial. It means that you will be able to offer your clients unique designs at a very affordable price.


This will go a long way in increasing the popularity of your brand and the demand for the products of your business. The DTG printing t-shirt designs do not need the sort of expertise that an old screen printing process requires. You will not be forced to look for employees who have spent years learning the inner works of the digital to garment printer. This is a device that can be operated by someone who has never dealt with textile printing before.

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